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Cloud-hosted Editions

Standard, Professional and Enterprise which reflect your volume of business.

Standard Edition

Ideal for newcomers

A one-stop solution to get your business well established.

Transactions per month

If this is you:

A recently started or ready-to-start business.

Serving your local community with a single branch.

Wanting to launch an online/mobile service.

And you are looking for:

  • A fully hosted platform from a trusted provider.
  • A compliant solution with all the features of high-end systems.
  • Easy set up and minimum upfront investment.
  • Flexibility for over-the-counter, agent based, online and mobile remittance.
  • Support to get you going and then when needed.
  • Remains cost-effective as your business scales up.

What you get

  Merchant account and payment gateway

  Basic fraud tools

  Data encryption via the Braintree Vault

  Phone and email support

  Data migration assistance

  All available regional payment methods*


  Recurring Billing

  Third-party integrations

  Advanced fraud tools

  Integration support

  Interchange plus pricing options

Additional features

Pricing for these features depends on your pricing model. 

Account Updater

Minimize the loss of sales due to compromised and expiring cards by securely and automatically updating customers’ card details.

3D Secure

Help reduce your risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks with additional cardholder verification that is easy to integrate and tough to crack.

Kount Standard

Real-time technology from our partner Kount. Fight fraudulent transactions by enabling a comprehensive set of predefined rules including geolocation and device information.

Professional Edition

Ideal for growing businesses

Let us take care of the tech so you can focus on growing your business.


Transactions per month

If this is you:

Want to expand but you’re facing system challenges.

Sending to multiple countries or agents from multiple locations.

Want to be able to offer airtime, utility bill payment, prepaid cards, etc.

And you are looking for:

  • A scalable and fully hosted platform with guaranteed uptime and tailored support.
  • Integrated compliance management to meet ever-evolving regulations.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency, ready for any region anytime.
  • Easily manage agents, agent hierarchy, fees, rates, loyalties, etc.
  • Track all aspects of transaction life-cycle – compliance-held, complaints, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box online/mobile interface or use your own.
  • Extensive reporting including regulatory reports.