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Whether you’re a growing SME, a large enterprise or a bank looking to offer added extra features to your current services, we have the right package for you.

FALCONLOOP is the comprehensive and fully-supported solution for your money transfer business.

Falconloop is a comprehensive, fully-featured and fully-supported solution that automates every aspect of your money service or Bureau de Change business and allows you to confidently offer your customers a full range of services such as local or international money remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile top-up, m-Wallet, branchless banking and cash delivery at home.

Our easy to use, robust platform streamlines your business processes and daily operations and makes it easy for you to expand your business vision and profits.

Falconloop centralizes Your Business Operations & Helps Your Grow

Falconloop offers a number of package solutions for running, reporting on and growing your money service business.

Falconloop has rich and comprehensive features for money remittance, bureau de change, e-Wallet, m-Wallet, pre-paid cards, branchless banking, bill payment, mobile top-up and cash delivery at home.

It has been purposely built using a highly robust technical architecture and can be easily customised or extended to fit your unique and bespoke business model and needs or integration with your existing IT system.

We have some unique technologies that have been created to make your life easier and run your business smoothly and fully compliant with financial regulations.

Transaction & Money Transfer

Extend the services you offer to your clients, services such as local/international remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile top-up, eWallet/mWallet, Pre-paid/Prepaid voucher, branchless banking capabilities, SMS banking and cash delivery at home.

Send remittance via your website, mobile app or branches/agents or SMS.

Send airtime and make bill payments via your website, mobile app or branches/agents or SMS.

Peer 2 Peer remittance via app or your branches/agent. Allow your customers to send money from his/her mWallet to another mWallet. By entering beneficiary name, phone number, email or by simply touching both sender/beneficiary phones together.


Start Processing Today

From a large enterprise to a small local business—

FalconLoop is an easily implemented platform that allows you to process and track transactions in-house, wherever your location.

Compliance and Security

Full sender or beneficiary transaction history.
Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing.

Ensures peace of mind with transactions that are fully traceable to the sender or beneficiary through our linked transaction checks.

Our Falconloop technology is used to automatically detect smurfing or structuring in Falconloop. This works by searching the database to identify the number of transactions received by beneficiary or transmitted by sender over a given period of time. This will give a good indication of the possibility of illegal activities.

Protect your business from illegitimate activities and scan all senders and receivers  the global sanction list.

Unify multiple systems in a single enterprise-grade platform

FalconLoop is a system that handles all of the workflow, so you won’t need to invest in multiple applications as your company grows – self-service supplier onboarding, invoice management, regulatory compliance, global remittance, early payments, and reconciliation.

Cut 80% of your operations workload.

The entire flow is automated in one system, you reap the benefits of cost, labor, and productivity efficiencies. Built-in validation rules, self-service onboarding, and real-time transfer and payment reconciliation are a few of the system capabilities that eliminate the risk of manual work and free up finance’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Get constant innovations with the FalconLoop cloud platform.

We handle the hosting, upgrades, and security – all while constantly enhancing features to increase the value of the solution. Rather than building and maintaining your own Money Transfer, payment, Mobile Top-Up, Payment Gateway, Invoice platform, FalconLoop offers the managed benefits of a robust, secure SaaS platform.

Transaction Management

Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard.Download reports across data segments or view real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.

Preferred Bank A/c Settlement

No need to open a new bank account for collecting online payments. Simply provide your bank account number, and routing number to link any existing Savings or Checking account to receive payments in your preferred bank

Account Management

Managing your business has never been this easy. Edit your account information details as business information, bank details, notification settings, reporting settings in a single dashboard.

Dynamic Notifications

FalconLoop’s system allows you configure different levels of access to the business dashboard for management traceability and be always be informed of important events to take the right actions.

FalconLoop Comply​

FalconLoop Comply automatically detects smurfing or
structuring. This works by searching the database to
identify the number of transactions received by beneficiary
or transmitted by sender over a given period of time. This
will give a good indication of the possibility of illegal

FalconLoop Comply​

This is our cutting-edge anti-fraud face recognition technology. It works by taking a face picture of the beneficiary or sender and comparing it with a huge database of other faces captured during past transactions. It identifies if that face has performed a transaction under a different name, which will indicate identity fraud.

FalconLoop Clear House

With FalconLoop ClearHouse you can automate end of day reconciliation across all counterparties clearing, netting, settlement, advance reporting & Profit and Loss Statements (P&L).

IT Organizations

Extend the value of technology investments without adding more maintenance or system complexity.

Invest in the technology that will scale with growth.

FalconLoop a system that handles the entire workflow, so you won’t need to rip and replace again as your company grows. FalconLoop is proven to scale.

Experience seamless integration with current systems.

Integrating FalconLoop into your website only requires a few lines of code, which can be easily customized to match the look and feel of your company’s branding and experience. Get more from your Enterprise Resource Planning integration with real-time or controlled integration points around Customer, Client, Agent, Partner, or Supplier data, invoice details, and money transfer and payment reconciliation. There’s no need to custom code interfaces with bank APIs or maintain custom middleware.

Rest easy with the highest industry security standards

FalconLoop enterprise-grade cloud platform meets the highest level of security standards. Built on a modern multi-tenant cloud architecture and hosted on Amazon Web Services, FalconLoop guarantees 99.95% uptime. With discrete signatory rights and role-based access and two-factor authentication, every element of FalconLoop is secure. FalconLoop is  ensure payer and payee information is maintained to the highest industry security levels. Advanced controls include extended user roles, approval workflow, signatory rights, audit trails, and data protection.

Wide range of compliance options

Your business needs covered in one place
Money Transfer Solutions for SMEs​

It’s never too early to put into place good systems for streamlining daily operations and accounting and also for scalability.

FALCONLOOP both easy to use and affordable and designed to meet the ever-changing demands and regulatory requirements of money service businesses.

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Money Transfer Solutions for Banks

Banking is becoming much more flexible and increasingly more centred around multiple payment channels, local/international remittance, online and mobile accounts, as well as e-wallet and m-wallet accounts.

FALCONLOOP will easily allow you to offer these value added services to your current banking facilities and allow you to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive environment. More importantly can be easily integrated with your core banking system.

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Money Transfer Solutions for Large Enterprises

FALCONLOOP can help you to not only streamline your operations and impeccably keep track of all your transactions, cashflow and staff activities but also allows you to confidently upscale your vision for greater profits and success.

For large enterprises, we offer full site hosting, onsite staff training, 24/7 support and bespoke customisation of our software to suit your exact needs.

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