Global Supplier Payments

Power Global Payments to Thousands of Suppliers in Minutes with FALCONLOOP Mass Payments
Mass Payment Execution Made Easy

Say goodbye to data entry across multiple bank portals, costly overhead, and extra fees. Send payments in different payment methods, countries, and currencies in a single application via a simple payment file upload or the Falconloop upload your payment instructions.and Falconloop parses them to automatically remit in all payment methods with no interaction required by your staff. 

Global Coverage, International Payment Methods

Extend the services you offer to your clients, services such as local/international remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile top-up, eWallet/mWallet, Pre-paid/Prepaid voucher, branchless banking capabilities, SMS banking and cash delivery at home.Send remittance via your website, mobile app or branches/agents or SMS.

Enterprise-Grade Financial Controls

Instituting strong internal controls is critical to scale payment operations. Tipalti offers unlimited payment approvers, configurable workflows, and role-based access to enforce delegation of authority, segregation of duties, and system access. Audit trail logs capture user activity in the system, assuring you always have a record for auditability.