Early Payments

Generate Income for Your Business and Cut the Costs of Running Accounts
Payable with Business to Business Payments
Drive Real Revenue from AP with Supplier Side Financing

Falconloop’s end-to-end AP platform makes offering early payments and frictionless – from supplier opt-in with a single click to automatic same-day payment processing. By automating supplier onboarding and invoice collection, approvals are expedited, making revenue from early payment offers a reality to improve margins. AP can also consider longer payment terms, while providing an option for suppliers who want to get paid faster.

Specify Eligible Payees and Percentages

With Falconloop, you have full control over which suppliers to extend early payment offers to, when to offer them, and how much of the payment is eligible. With the ability to enable early payments for all suppliers in mass or per payee, it’s the flexibility you need to get started with a supply chain finance solution today.

Experience Dynamic Discounting Intelligence at the Core

Early payments can be extended to any type of supplier and can be paid in US or global ACH, check, or wire. As long as the invoice has a due date, Falconloop dynamically calculates the offer on the back-end. And for mass payouts to freelancers, publishers, suppliers, and other payees, you just provide the scheduled payment date on the upload file and Falconloop handles the rest.