Voice Communication

Make Real-time Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

1-to-1 Call

Make clear voice calls instantly from one to million users regardless of web & mobile applications in real-time.

Conference Calling   (Coming Soon)

Make conference or carrier calls to multiple users beyond the geographical area from your voice calling app or desktop

Voice Call Recording   (Coming Soon)

Record, store and retrieve the recorded calls of your customer calls, client calls & valuable calls to simplify trackings with MirrorFly’s cloud recorder.

Cross-platform Calling   (Coming Soon)

Make direct high-quality voice calls to a desktop, mobile app, any platforms or carrier network at any time in real-time.

Call Queuing   (Coming Soon)

Place the entire incoming calls in the line while your agent is busy & deliver it in the order they were received to increase customer efficiency.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allow your system to handle customer calls through a human voice & direct to a suitable agent directly to reduce the customer call waiting time.

Call Monitoring & Reporting

With an intuitive contact center dashboard, manage, analyze, track call handling time, call drop ratio and call conversion rate for better decision making.

VoIP/SIP Calling   (Coming Soon)

Enable agents, clients, and field workers to interact with anyone by making voice calls to n etwork carriers right from the chat app.

Speech To Text   (Coming Soon)

With easy-to-use service, transcript every recorded voice calls into text with appropriate language structure with AI integrations & machine intelligence.

Callback Service

Make any international or national calls by avoiding regular long-distance charges by initiating a call from within the current country with the originating caller joining the conference call.

Voice Note or Call Messaging   (Coming Soon)

When your hands are bombarded with a lot of activities, let your voice make the message. Send voice notes as text messages to any number of users right from your app.