Video Communication

Explore HD Video Experience You Demand


Make peer-to-peer HD video call on any platform on the go to enhance real-time conversation & scale up production.


Organize group or conference video call up to more than 5 users with crystal clear quality to get things done in real-time.

Video Call Recording   (Coming Soon)

Record every call, compose the video to your likings with edits and store the recordings effortlessly in MirrorFly’s cloud & retrieve all with quick searches.

Browser Support   (Coming Soon)

Make HD 1-to-1 or group video calls compatible across the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Screen Sharing   (Coming Soon)

Share the on-going video call, presentations, to multiple users to make collaboration and information sharing easier by integrating cloud-based screen sharing APIs

File Transfer

Share multiple files of any type to users privately or publicly through drag & drop to manage tasks more efficiently.


The PiP mode lets you make video calls in a floating window within the screen, where you can access other apps without disturbing the on-going video calls.

Chat History

Retrieve the past conversation maximum of up to a year for any purpose. You can control the chat history of your users or enable users to customize it.

Whiteboard   (Coming Soon)

Leverage the classroom teaching experience into a virtual one through video conferencing and with a real-time drawing whiteboard interface to make learning more interactive.