Messaging & Collaboration

Connect, Chat & Collaborate Beyond Platforms

Private 1-to-1 Chat

Create 1-to-1 chat to any specific user on a real-time under encrypted platform to retain the information private.

Push Notifications

Maximize the user attention with the right information at right time through push message to widen the engagement.

Message Broadcast Option

Send information to vast users privately across the platforms within a single click to shrink the time consumption.

Cross-platform Messaging

Send & receive messages instantly in real-time across any web, Android & iOS mobile applications.

Group Chat

Create public or private groups to hold real-time conversations to bring the users closer into one centralized channel.

File Transfer

Share multiple files of any type to users privately or publicly through drag & drop to manage tasks more efficiently.


Create unlimited open or private channels to connect, engage and relay information. Send instant updates such as text,images, videos to a bulk of users at the same time.

Chat History

Retrieve the past conversation maximum of up to a year for any purpose. You can control the chat history of your users or enable users to customize it.

Spell Check

Add spell checker feature into your chat application that allows autocorrecting users’ entire conversation irrespective of chat medium, whether group, private, and channels.


Integrate the geolocation system into the chat platform that enables users to discover other users based on the geographical location and invite to the group, connect, chat and engage.

Chat Rooms

Create any number of chat rooms such as open or private for users to join, interact and engage with hundreds and thousands of other users based on the happenings around like events.

Tabbed Messages

Alter any number of chat and combine multiple messages into a single-window screen based on preference to maximize the chat efficiency and reduce the time consumption.

Offline Messages

Send unlimited messages to customers, employees while they are offline. Get the messages delivered to their email, as a text message or as a voice note.

Status Visibility

Enable users to customize their visibility of the status into offline/online based on the preference and irrespective of the groups and channels.

Location Sharing

Allows the user to share the live location on a 1-to-1 or group chat to enlighten the participant with real-time location.

Animated GIFs

Assist every user to Communicate with the just-a-click option of animated GIFs to turn the chat more engaging.


Entitle users to communicate in their own native language & supports 40+ languages to enhance user chat experience.

Real-time Language Translation

The “Tap to transfer” translate the entire conversation up to 100+ languages within the chat screen in real-time.

Proactive Chat

Equipped with typing indicators, online presence & Tagging to enhance the responsiveness of the user chat behavior.

Personalized Profiles

Empowers users accessibility to tailor profile and take control of the user base, profile images, activity log etc.

Multiple Login

Access the chat app from mobile or web through Google sign-in, social login, email sign up & facebook sign up.

Smart Reply

Enable customers and employees to reply quickly with suggested text within the chat interface dependent on the customer’s search.

Quick Response

Add custom text box, links to the product and a CTA within the chat screen that allows buyers & customers to take immediate actions.

Edit Message

Bring back any conversation to live by editing any messages that have been sent. Enable/disable messaging editing on group chat, channels & private based authorized user accessibility.

Delete Account

Delete MirrorFly’s account permanently from the application based on the reason and preference. All the data, messages and media files will be deleted once the user deletes the account.