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Our clients have complete confidence in our money transfer system. Their reliance and satisfaction is what confirms our system as a robust, secure and simple platform for managing a professional and scalable money service business.

You can rest assured that when you choose  your solution, you are choosing an industry-leader that will enable you to offer superior services and maximise your profits.

There’s no need to worry about lengthy development processes, disruptive installation, or software support and maintenance, we will take care of your every need from set up to application management.

Compliance and AML Peace of Mind

With ever-changing and rigorous laws and regulations around international money remittance and anti-money laundering, you can trust that by using FALCONLOOP, you are covered. Our software knows and adjusts to the regulations in your territory, for your peace of mind.

Store transaction records, settlements and running advanced reports are just a few of the many compliance features of FALCONLOOP and we regularly add new compliance features, as needed.

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Falconloop can help you to not only streamline your operations and impeccably keep track of all your transactions, cashflow and staff activities but also allows you to confidently upscale your vision for greater profits and success.


It’s never too early to put into place good systems for streamlining daily operations and accounting and also for scalability.


Banking is becoming much more flexible and increasingly more centred around multiple payment channels, local/international remittance, online and mobile accounts, as well as e-wallet and m-wallet accounts.

Falconloop will easily allow you to offer these value added services to your current banking facilities and allow you to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive environment. More importantly can be easily integrated with your core banking system.


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Transaction Management

Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard. Download reports across data segments or view real time transactions and take business decisions immediately.

Account Management

Managing your business has never been this easy. Edit your account information details as business information, bank details, notification settings, reporting settings in a single dashboard.

Preferred Bank Account Settlement

No need to open a new bank account for collecting online payments. Simply provide your bank account number, and routing number to link any existing Savings or Checking account to receive payments in your preferred bank.